Big Sur International Marathon Recap 4.30.17 #bsim – Choices Create Your Life

I completed my 3rd marathon last Sunday. Life has changed dramatically from the time I entered the lottery for the marathon until the day I laced up my shoes to run the most intimidating run to date. It all started in July 2016 when I saw that the Big Sur International Marathon was opening up entries in a lottery system. It caught my eye and intrigued me. I was ready for a new challenge. So I thought what the heck. I will enter and if I get in then I will come up with a training plan and if I don’t then I will try again another year.

On August 12, 2016 I received the above email. I GOT IN! I was so excited. I was scared. I was ready for the challenge. However, it would take me about two months to realize that this marathon was going to require me to actually train. Life normally gets in the way of training so I normally struggle through the runs. I knew how miserable that was and the marathon was going to be immediately after tax season. So I hired a running coach which held me accountable.

Little did I know but the love of my life would propose to me on October 1, 2016. Of course, by this time I knew he was the one after putting God first in my life. We were ready to be married right then. However, he was climbing Aconcagua in December 2016 and then tax season started in January until April 18, 2017. Since I had the Big Sur marathon on 4.30.17 we decided to elope and get married in the redwood forests in Big Sur. We were so excited. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Fires had closed many of the parks in July 2016 and the worst rain storms in years collapsed the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge shutting off access to Big Sur.

Well we looked at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove and many other places but nothing was speaking to our hearts. Then we looked at getting married at Yosemite. Yosemite ended up being the perfect place to get married for us. Here are a few pictures of our elopement in Yosemite on 4.22.17.

The title of this post is “Choices Create Your Life” because the choice to randomly enter the Big Sur International Marathon ended up leading a memorable day in a perfect location simply because the actions had been put into motion back in July 2016. What choices are you making in your life? Are you truly living life or settling? Are you settling for good or do you want to become your best self? See, I thought I was entering the lottery to run a marathon. When in reality, I was making a conscious decision to set a goal that was bigger than anything I had ever attempted. That one choice, led to other choices, and they led to choices which have become the best days of my life. I challenge you to start living life differently. Get off the couch and move. Sign up for that 5k. Take the art class. Sign up for that dream vacation. You have the choice to really experience life abundantly as God designed our lives to be. We are not here to simply exist. We are to bring glory to God in all that we do. Start being intentional about your choices. They truly do create your life.

I normally post my entire run experience on one blog post but the Big Sur International Marathon such a life changing event from the moment I decided to enter lottery to the actual date of the marathon that I am going to break down into several posts. That way it will be easier to read and I will actually get them completed within a reasonable time period.

I will share my training plan in my next post. Thank you for reading.

In His Strength,


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One Response to Big Sur International Marathon Recap 4.30.17 #bsim – Choices Create Your Life

  1. Diana says:

    Lisa, I am so happy for you! I think of you often and was glad to see your update. What a year you have had! This post brought me such joy. Your pictures are beautiful and you look so happy. Congratulations!

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